Spring Quarter

March 12-May 28

9:00am ABFs

Foundations (30-40s) 

Leader: Cameron Holt
Teacher: Lowell Korfmacher
Subject: Victory Over Darkness-Pt. 2
Room: 153
What keeps you from really walking in the joy of the Lord? You'll be equipped to have that joy as you discover who you are in Christ. This will be part two of this important topic! 

The Mix (40-50s)

Leader: Jess Mutschler
Teacher: Kip Wellin
Subject:  Parables
Room: 156
“Jesus drew verbal pictures of the world around him by telling parables.” See just how relevant these parables are to us today as they were then.  

SALT (50-60s)

Leader: Jim Spicer
Teacher: Ryan Howard
Room: 154
Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is an overview of the immeasurable blessings in Christ and then how to live in a manner worthy of them as an individual, family, and as a Church. Ephesians is an incredibly encouraging letter written to strengthen and encourage believers in their Christian faith, and full of praise and blessing to God. 

10:35am ABFs

Koinonia (50-60+)

Leader: Ric Pawloski
Teacher:  Max Tunnifcliff & Luke Young
Subject: The Attributes of God
Room: 153
Misconceptions about God abound. But they don't have to. God has revealed His character in Scripture, illuminating the attributes that define Him. While we, being finite creatures, can never truly comprehend everything that God is, we should study what He Himself has said. 

Single Purpose

(Women who are solo on Sunday)

Leader: Lisa Fink
Teacher: Ron Goldy
Subject: Ruth and Esther
Room: 156
We will be comparing and contrasting the only two Bible books named after women. See how God used one to save a nation, and the other to save our souls.