Ways To Give

Give Online

Giving online is an easy and convenient way to give anywhere, anytime. Make a one-time gift with a debit or credit card, or set up a repeating gift with your checking account, debit or credit card. There is no charge to you to use this secure service.

Give In Person

You can give easily on Sunday mornings by dropping off your gift in the wooden boxes by the back doors of the Worship Center.

Mail A Check

You can give from the comfort of your home by mailing a check or scheduling an online bill payment through your bank. Mail your gift to:
The Chapel, EFC
4250 Washington Ave., St. Joseph, MI 49085.

Special Gifts

If you would like to give gifts of stock or other types of property, please contact the church office at 269-429-1041. Here are some examples:

  • Gifts of stock that has appreciated in value can provide significant tax benefits to the giver if they are handled correctly. 
  • Donor advised charitable funds allow participants to direct gifts from funds that they have specifically established for charitable purposes.
  • A special benefit available to those who are at least 70½ years old is the ability to give directly from an IRA to charities such as The Chapel without the distribution being treated as taxable income. This distribution must be handled correctly in order to receive this benefit, so contact your tax advisor or IRA administrator to learn more.
  • Please remember The Chapel as you do your estate planning or prepare your will. Your attorney can advise you on how best to leave a financial legacy that will help advance the Kingdom of God through the ministries of The Chapel.

Get The App

The Chapel App is a great resource if you're always on the go! From there you can give a one time gift or make a recurring gift, all from your mobile device.

Download The App

We are to give because God has been so generous to us! Our God is a giver at His core, since He “gave” His Son to die for our sins and demonstrate His love for all people (Jn. 3:16).

God’s Word declares that everything is the Lord’s (Ps. 24:1), and therefore He is the owner and we are His managers of our time, talent, and finances (Lk. 12:42-48, 1 Tim. 6:17-19).

We should never go into debt to give, but we should give cheerfully, regularly, and generously as an expression of our thanks for God’s provision, to advance His Kingdom, to help those in need, and to demonstrate our devotion to God rather than the things of this world. As Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money” (Matt. 6:24).

Gifts to the General Fund are used to support all of the ongoing ministries and operating costs of The Chapel, including: pastoral staff, adult/children/youth ministries, facility and administrative costs, budgeted missions costs, and debt service (interest and principal). The General Fund budget is approved by the congregation each year.

Gifts to the Building Fund are used to reduce debt related to our most recent building project, the Children’s Ministries Wing. These gifts are over and above debt reduction payments made from the General Fund.

Gifts to the Missions Fund are used to meet non-budgeted missions needs and are disbursed based on the recommendations of the Missions Committee.

Gifts to the Benevolent Fund are used to help meet the financial needs of people in distress, including those within The Chapel and our local community. Funds may be used for emergency food and shelter, transportation, medical or counseling expenses, childcare, or a variety of other needs. These funds are administered by the Elder Board.

If you would like a copy of the current year’s budget, please contact The Chapel office at 269-429-1041.

Give as the Lord leads you. The tithe (10%) is an excellent guideline, but our giving is a matter of the heart (2 Cor. 9:7) and not just a specific percentage/amount. God instructs us in the New Testament to not be lovers of money (1 Tim. 6:10), and that our giving should be regular and proportionate (1 Cor. 16:2), generous, voluntary, cheerful and purposeful (2 Cor. 9:6-7). May it be our joy in giving to make an eternal investment for the glory of God!

You can give online through card or ACH through the link to the right.

Is my bank and card information secured?
Yes. The Chapel has chosen Subsplash as its secure, encrypted gift processing service. Subsplash is a third-party that clears the gift from a bank account or debit/credit card securely for Chapel attendees connecting through My Place or guests making one-time gifts.

Does The Chapel or My Place store my bank or card information?
No. The Chapel and My Place does not store or know any of your personal bank or card information. Subsplash is the secure payment processing service that executes all of the financial exchange between your account and The Chapel.

Is My Place secure?
Yes! While My Place is internet-based, access is only available to those with a username and password. This is given only to approved people (by administrators at The Chapel). Additionally, My Place is built on the Church Community Builder (CCB) platform, a widely-used web-based church database and interface service. CCB uses the latest security and encryption to keep data safe and allows users to restrict the amount of information shared with The Chapel church body.

Who can see my giving?
The only people (besides the giver) with access to your giving history are those in charge of entering gifts into the system, the church treasurer and the master administrator.

You can setup a repeating gift by giving online and selecting your preferred frequency.

Personal Financial Coaching
Do you need someone to sit down with you to talk through your personal financial situation? The Chapel has people available that can help you build a budget and answer basic questions on debt, spending, saving, investing, giving, insurance, and more. Please contact The Chapel office at, or 269-429-1041 and we’ll get a coach for you.

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